Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ugly FLU BUG!!

The Flu Bug has come to visit and we really do not know how to make him GO AWAY!! I watch, helplessly, as my family one by one gets bitten by this horrible monster. It's hard to imagine a bug so little could do so much damage. I was sick two weeks ago, poor Eliza had 103 fevers for 9 DAYS! She ended up with pneumonia. Monday night I dreamt my skin was burning. and I had to keep rolling away from the fire.....after hours, entranced in that limbo sleep (you know the sleep....where you are asleep but not really BUT you can't wake up, I hate that!). (TAKE NOTE: I'm such a great wife....notice I dreamt my skin was burning ....I thought, I better move away from the fire... not......poor Rick is hot, maybe he has a fever and I should get him some motrin).
So where was I...oh yes, Rick has been home all week. CALEB came down with toilet paper stuffed up each nostril.... crying because his head hurt on Wednesday. (Just like his Uncle Tim when he was a kid :)) UGH!! I decided that we all needed to get out of the house so I planned a family outing to the movies. We are going to see "College Road Trip". Breanna was so excited, invited a friend to come and ride the bus home with her....they walked in the door and she looked like she just woke up. I took her temp......103.2!!!! UGH!! Is SPRING HERE YET!!! I don't care! I am still going to the movies. If you see a house with windows boarded up and a DO NOT ENTER sign hanging from the's us the TAYLORS.......NO MORE BUGS ALLOWED!


Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

I am so sorry that you guys are so sick. I hate the flu. I hope you are all feeling better real soon.

Noah, Ashley and Elijah said...

Ugh!! Eli had a temp of 102.2 on the first day back from our trip (sunday) but it only lasted a day adn I think it was just a cold...But myself on the ohter hand have had cold symptoms as well but also a very bad sore throar that has worsened instead of improved in a weeks time...IS that a symptom of your flu bug? (hope not!!) Get well soon you guys!

Lisa R said...

Yep we had our turn with the flu bug too. I had 103 fever for 3 days straight! YUCK! And like your family one by one everyone followed..
Oh springtime, where are you?