Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tag Your IT!

Two Names You've Gone By: Rick: Rickster, Big John Anne: Banana, Queen Anne
Two Things I Am Wearing Right Now: Rick: White Shirt and Tie (of course) Anne: Jeans and a sweater
Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: Rick: Trust & Friendship Anne: Rick & Fun ;)
Two of Your Favorite Things to do: Rick: Hunt and Camp Anne: Dates nights and movies
Two things you did last night: Rick: taught Institute, took Caleb to Basketball practice AND meetings! Anne: Math Homework with Justin, Cleaned up dinner
Two people you Last Talked To: Rick: Justin and Anne Anne: Justin and Rick
Two things You're doing tomorrow: Rick: leaving at 4:30 am to visit a seminary class and going to Justin's concert Anne: Timmy's Nemo Birthday Party and taking Eliza to the dentist to get a tooth pulled (YIKES!)
Two Longest Car Rides: Rick: Going back to work after a great vacation Anne: Illinois to Lake Powell and back with a baby that cried the whole way......,
Two Favorite Holidays: Rick: Deer Season, Goose Season Anne: Christmas and my anniversary
Favorite Drinks: Rick: Strawberry Banana Pina Colada (of course, not spiked), Milk Anne: Water
Two Things About Me you may not have known: Rick: I got knifed in the back by a Dr named Dr. Harms Anne: I sing really and I mean really loud with the radio when I am alone in the car :)
Two Movies I would watch over and over: Rick: any John Wayne western Anne: Sweet Home Alabama, The Saint, August Rush
Two Favorite Foods: Rick: Steak, potatoes and rolls Anne: MEXICAN and Seafood
Two places I'd rather be right now: Rick: Brazil and Tahiti Anne: Skiing in Utah with my family (staying in a cabin) , on the Disney Cruise

We tag anyone who has not yet completed this questionaire

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