Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Leprechaun Hunt

Monday, March 17, proved to be quite an eventful day! Leprechauns were everywhere at our house and at school today. They caused quite a mess! Abby, Eliza and Walker (Eliza's friend) went around the house setting traps and calling out for the leprechauns to show themselves. However, those tricky things, they were never caught. While the kids set up a trap in the basement, they would hear a noise upstairs. They ran upstairs to find out that the leprechauns ate their treats and trashed the traps upstairs. While they were upstairs the leprechauns ran down stairs and ruined their trap in the basement AND wrote them a note, "you can't catch me, I am too tricky!" They did this for 4 hours! It was hysterical! It's a good thing those tricky leprechauns come only once a year and the most important fact.....they have to leave by dark to go back to their rainbows on St. Patrick's day. WHEW!! Everyone slept great!

*I would love to show you all pictures, however, my photographer/editor/downloader is at school. Breanna will get the pictures on as soon as her schedule allows. :)


Noah, Ashley and Elijah said...

lol! Sounds like you were definitly full of tricks on Monday! Very funny....At least we wore green but that was the extent of our celebration. We are packing up and getting ready to move in 2 weekends. I am seriously tired of moving but this will not be the last one I know that for sure! One positive aspect is that we are now about an hour and half closer to you guys then we were before! WOOT!

Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

That is so cute. What a fun mom you are. I wish we could have been there to try to catch those darn leprechauns!

eh said...

What a fun tradition. That is really cute. I wish I could have seen it. Notice I said SEEN IT; I don't think I could have done the chasing! I'm excited to see you'all.

eh said...
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