Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just a little blood.....

I Know this sounds crazy....but.....I miss football. Justin choose to play soccer this fall. (the midwest makes you choose because they have boys soccer in the fall) I totally support him, however, I didn't realize my blood runs apparently for the tackle..... You should see me at these games. "Get him, Justin!" "Come on! Block him to the ground!" get the picture. Needless to say.....I am a fish out of water. I get thrilled everytime I see a little push or side jab. Luckly, he's 6 feet and 200 lbs (my sweet baby boy) When he left for his game Saturday he told me he would show me a little blood, just for me. How sweet is that! He had a least two players flat on their backs. Way to go, JUSTIN!!! Nice and clean, no cards called. He's so thoughtful. :) What do you expect...I was raised with 7 football crazed brothers!

Can you believe he just turned 16!!

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