Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sweet ELIZA is 7!

Eliza's birthday was Aug 11. She turned 7. Nothing rips my heart strings more than watching my baby girl grow. This is our conversation.

Me: "Eliza! Quit growing or I am going to have to use my magic wand and shrink you or put you in time out!"

Eliza: Mom, I am growing up. (and just to crush my heart a little more)I want to grow up so I can get my own house and get 7 cats and 4 dogs.

Me: Eliza, if you get cats, I can't visit. I am allergic to them. I hate cats.

Eliza: Well.... then you will need to stay outside when you visit.

Me: What if it's cold outside?

Eliza: Then I will come visit you. Mom, I need my 7 cats.

And so, during the next 11 years of Eliza's life, my job as Eliza's mother is to teach her to not like cats. (wasn't I nice to not say hate. Sorry to all the cat lovers. :)

Breanna, of course, "beauty shopped her up" for her grand entrace to the breakfast table where her 7 pancakes (and under her plate $7) were waiting.

Here's my 7 year old princess!


Love you, always my BABY girl!

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