Sunday, August 9, 2009


This blue writing is part of the reason why I don't blog. Why is it blue? I DON'T KNOW??
What can I do to stop it? I DON'T KNOW? But I will proceed updating my blog, even though it looks to me like one big web link!!

This first picture is of Abby and Austin with their CPS social worker Evan when she brought them to us from Texas. They came to live with us May 2009. it's black. What the hay? Why? I DON'T KNOW! Anyways.... back to the update.
This picture is of Eliza. She had her first dance recital this year. So cute!!
Caleb..... Caleb is always happy playing sports. He had a blast on field day in May and came home with lots of ribbons.

Breanna attended her first YW girls camp this year. We missed her horribly!!! She didn't miss us too much! :) Before camp she told me she was excited to go and that she wouldn't be homesick at all! At first I was so sad, but them a quick flash back to 30 years ago reminded me that I said that same thing, too. I am thrilled she had so much fun! I am also grateful for all the wonderful leaders she adores. Thank you so much!

Justin loves water!! He is very proud of his Santa gift this year (life jacket) and has loved wearing it this summer. He loves to wake board. I thank heaven everyday for giving me the gift of a wonderful older son to help lead the way. Love you, Justin!

Rick needed a family picture to update his work profile so we took this quick family picture after church today. Not too shabby of a group. Look how each of their personalities shine right through!

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Anonymous said...

Love all the cute pictures!! It's so fun to see how your kids have grown over the years. Your family is beautiful Anne~!